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OHSAS 18001 – OH&S Hazard Identification and OH&S Risk Assessment

October 5, 2013

The scope of the OHSAS 18001:2007 is to control the OH&S Risk and improve the OH&S performance in the organization.

Now the organization those implanting OHSAS 18001:2007 in the organization should set the OH&S policy through which the OH&S Risk of the organization is controlled and OH &S performance enhanced within the organization.

What is the OH&S Risk – it is occupational health and safety Risk to the Employee of the organization and to interested party with activities of the organization or with the activities in the vicinity of the organization.

For the Identification of OH&S Risk , the organization need to identify the potential OH&S Hazards within the organization and vicinity of the organization which may cause injury , ill health or accident to the employee of the organization or to the interested party.

The OHSAS 18001 hazard can be identified from

  • Daily routine and non-routine activities within the organization
  • Activities of all persons having access to the workplace (including contractors and visitors)
  • Human behavior within the organization, capabilities and other human factors
  • Hazards created in the vicinity of the workplace by work-related activities under the control of the organization
  • Infrastructure, equipment and materials at the workplace, whether provided by the organization or others
  • Changes or proposed changes in the organization, its activities, or materials
  • Modifications to the OH&S management system, including temporary changes, and their impacts on operations, processes, and activities
  • Any applicable legal obligations relating to risk assessment and implementation of necessary controls 


After identification of OHSAS 18001 (OH&S) hazards, evaluate the OH&S Risk of the each Hazards. Based on the OH& S Risk assessment, identify the significant OH&S Risk. i.e there may be several OHSAS Hazards within the organization  and carry the OH&S Risk , but some of the OHSAS hazard Risk level is very and potential to injury , ill health or accident to the employee of the organization or to the interested party. That OHSAS Risk is treated as significant and organization has to take immediate action plan to reduce the Risk level.

This blog has been written based on my past working  experience and understanding level of OHSAS 18001:2007 std. in view to explain the understanding  about OHSAS 18001 requirements  to the individual those seeking the  knowledge about OHSAS 18001 requirements.

I will keep writing the on this topic, if any one require more information about OHSAS 18001, kindly contact me at

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  1. dhananjay kumar rai permalink

    Very good keep Writing , Really nice. i understand very well the concept of OHSAS. thanks.

  2. I am so glad I found your post. I really need to find a company that does OHSAS 18001 in my area. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Thanks.

  3. Very good overview. Can we post your information on our blog. Our clients can really benifit.


  4. Very good post, I was really searching for this topic, as I wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet, that is why it was very difficult to understand.
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